Global Citizenship Education Fund

Tallin 2020

Tallinn 20 to 24 of February

The Global Citizenship Education Fund assisted to the UN75 “The role of global cooperation in building the future we want” conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

 This imitative was dedicated to celebration of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and 100th anniversary of Estonian Republic, also its a contribution of Estonian civil society to support Estonia in the UNSC 2020-2021.

The main aim of prep meetings- conferences  is to plan the Global Event in Tallinn and a series of Regional Meetings before it.  All these meetings will contribute to the UN’s Global Conversation and promote mutual understanding and cooperation between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas and the Island States.  The whole series of meeting happens in the context of the UN’s aim to “Reinvent Multilateralism for the 21st Century”. 

Additional objectives include:

  • To reach conclusions on how better to promote and spread knowledge / awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Human Rights instruments and international legal frameworks;
  • To explore how to use Digital technologies to promote and engage communities and individuals to help achieve the UN SDGs and human rights protections;
  • To identify how UN SDGs may be implemented on local and international level;
  • To share practical skills on how to utilize the existing international and UN human rights instruments to improve good governance and develop better tools for good governance.
  • To build a network of civil society organizations, government representatives and other relevant organizations to implement the outputs of the Global Event and the UN’s Global Conversation.