Global Citizenship Education Fund

Signature of Memorandum of Understanding with ASCAME

22 of November, The Global Citizenship Education Fund, represented by its President Board of
Trustees, Jaume Guardans signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association of
the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME), represented by its
President,  Ahmed M. El Wakil.

The general objective of this collaboration between the GCEF and ASCAME is to contribute to
prepare responsible citizens and provide them with a great capacity to contribute in
productive processes, both in their countries of origin and in other countries of the region.
ASCAME represents the private sector in the Mediterranean region and it is important that the
sector has a workforce capable of adapting to changing contexts in production processes,
capable of changing without problems of commissions and responsibilities and capable of
understanding, developing and implementing any instruction.

To all this GCEF bets when working with secondary school teachers. This collaboration will help
ASCAME to offer the private sector that has investments in the south bank a precise route to
improve the quarry of its workforce. It would also be a clear way to fulfill the commitments
that each company has of Corporate Social Responsibility.