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Leonce Bekemans - Trust

Léonce is the Jean Monnet Chair ad personam “Globalisation, Europeanisation, Human Development” at the University of Padua (Italy) and the academic coordinator of its Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Intercultural dialogue, Human Rights & Multi-level Governance”. He is a visiting professor at various European universities and research centres: Catholic University, Milan (Italy), Sophia University Institute and its Global Studies Centre, Loppiano (Italy), and Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Warsaw.
Professor Bekemans teaches courses on globalisation, education and intercultural dialogue, and multi-level governance from a European, value driven and interdisciplinary perspective. He is also president of “Europahuis Ryckevelde”, a European and international centre promoting European citizenship (Bruges, Belgium) and Board member of ECSA World (European Community Studies Association).
Ha has collaborated with the Council of Europe, the European Union, the Committee of the Regions, the Anna Lindh Foundation (Alexandria, Egypt) and the European Training Foundation (Turin, Italia). He has directed and managed European financed projects. He is the author of many articles and has edited and published books on various European-related issues.